Kwik-Loc Corporation is a full line dollie manufacturer. We have been in continuous operation as Kwik-Loc Corporation since 1987. Our basic dollie designs were first conceived and manufactured in the early 1960’s by Cunha products and later Todco. Our designs have been refined and improved using CNC based manufacturing, Computer-aided stress analysis and modern high strength steels.


Our flagship product is the Kwik-Loc, an innovative combination converter/tag axle dollie that is ideally suited for service with LTL carriers with mixed trailer fleets. One 2 axle, Kwik Loc equipped tractor can pull all standard trailer types. This added versatility can significantly improve equipment utilization and lower equipment budget due to the cost saving of a two-axle tractor over a standard three axle tractor.


Another popular application of the Kwik-Loc system is its use as a detachable tag axle, which can be retrofitted to most single, tandem and tri axle tractors. In addition to its detachability it offers many benefits over other solutions. It is in use in the heavy haul, agricultural and vocational markets.

We manufacture all types of converter dollies including; single axle, tandem axle and tri axle dollies. We offer many options including fabricated frames, I-beam frames, air suspension, spring suspension and just about any other options that you may require. We have supplied dollies to many national and regional fleets.